DKK 860.00

Men’s Stone-Beaded Bracelet w/ 12mm Grade A+ Auralite 23 Bead, Hematite, Gold Plated or Natural Stainless Steel and Elastic Cord. Comes in a luxurious ECO friendly giftbox made of 100% recycled materials.

Handmade in Copenhagen, Genuine Danish Quality & Free Delivery on All Orders.

Auralite or Red Cap Amethyst is an exceptionally old and very rare crystal that dates back to 1.2 – 2 Billion years ago while at the same time being one of the youngest crystals as it has only been discovered in 2011…. [Read More]

This bracelet is part of the RARE VIEW collection.

DESIGNER’S NOTE: Due to the symmetry of this bracelet Demanic reserves the right to choose between 8mm and 16mm steel spacers to fit all wrist sizes.

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